Remember to shovel out hydrants

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Gazette Staff
Thursday, December 10, 2009
— Anyone who lives near any of the city’s 2,552 fire hydrants might want to take time to shovel them out, fire officials said.

“This is a wet snowfall and it is suppose to get cold tonight. Once that (snow) freezes, it is very difficult to break through solid ice to get unshoveled and clear so we can access it,” said Bill Ruchti, a shift commander at the Janesville Fire Department.

A minimum of 3 feet and preferably a 4-foot or larger circle is needed all the way around the hydrant, he said.

“We have to be able to get caps off with wrenches that are longer and we need several feet,” Ruchti said. “Otherwise if the big hoses get kinked, it defeats the purpose.’’

Alliant Energy reminded people to clear snow and ice from their gas and electric meters as well as their furnace vents and other vents.

“With all the snow on the ground across much of Wisconsin, it’s important to remember that snow accumulation and shoveling can sometimes cause electric and gas meters to be covered,” said Mark Hawley, manager of safety and health services for Alliant, in a press release.

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