Expulsions down in Janesville school district

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Steve Benton
Wednesday, December 2, 2009
— Janesville School Superintendent, Karen Schulte, is cautiously optimistic expulsion numbers will remain low for the rest of the school year. As of the end of November, 3 students had been expelled. At the same time last year that number was 12.

Schulte says "you can't drive student achievement up if the student isn't in school." She says they're being trained in a new program called "positive behavior intervention strategies" and they're also trying to be more responsive to students needs, including being more proactive. Schulte says she's taking a more "hands on" approach as well by tracking expulsion hearings on a month by month basis.

Despite the lower numbers, Schulte says if a student is seen as a threat to either fellow students or staff, expulsion is the only option.

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