Nurse in a van program reduces health care costs

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Steve Benton
Tuesday, August 25, 2009
— The old "house call" system, used by doctors before 1960, is being used by a local hospital to reduce health care costs.

Beloit Memorial Hospital, Manager of occupational services, Cindy Groves says the program uses nurses instead of doctors, but the outcomes are similar. Patients are treated at the scene, or sent to the hospital depending on the severity of injury or health condition. Groves says the nurse can take a lot of pressure off company officials by determining the level of care needed. Money is saved by everyone involved because overhead for the program is much less than costs incurred at the emergency room of a hospital.

Groves says the program is offered to businesses and municipalities and is becoming very popular. She says their service is used by clients from the Rockton and Roscoe area and up into Janesville.

Groves says as far they know, the program is unique in the United States.

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