How long will Corvina's stay open?

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Thursday, August 20, 2009
— The operator of Corvina's bar said she's not closing anytime soon and will fight the eviction process the landlord started.

Janelle Barlass called the Gazette on Wednesday to say she wanted to correct the impression the bar would close next week.

As reported in Wednesday's Gazette, the landlord has begun the eviction process. Barlass said she intends to fight the eviction in court.

The police brought complaints about Corvina's to the city's Alcohol License Advisory Committee in May. Barlass has appeared before the committee twice.

Landlord Fred Shahlapour said he was not sure when the eviction will occur. Wisconsin law allows for tenants to contest evictions in court, and Barlass said she intends to do so.

Barlass said Shahlapour has violated terms of the lease by not making repairs to the building, and that's why she has withheld rent.

Shahlapour said it's Barlass who has violated the lease in multiple ways, and he wants her out.

"I can guarantee you, they won't be there another month," Shahlapour said.

Shahlapour said the lease is in effect only as long as Barlass remains a business partner with Amir Sharifi, and Sharifi is no longer involved in the business.

Shahlapour said Barlass has not paid many bills, and her checks have bounced in some cases.

Barlass admitted that she hasn't paid some bills to liquor suppliers. She said income is down because sales of drinks are down.

"I've lost a lot of money because of heat in the building, which caused me to fall behind on some liquor bills, however, those will be taken care of," she said.

The lack of air conditioning is a problem. Barlass said Shahlapour must upgrade the building's electrical service so air conditioning can be installed. Shahlapour said the lease says only that he will contribute $1,500 to the installation of air conditioning.

David Toles, Barlass' security chief, said he has had to unclog the bar's plumbing, something the landlord should have done. Shahlapour said the lease calls for the tenant to keep the building in good repair.

Shahlapour said two checks he received from Barlass, for $5,000 and $7,000, have bounced. Barlass said Shahlapour would not receive any payments until he complies with the terms of the lease.

Barlass said she intended to open for business as usual on Wednesday night and on Wednesday through Saturday nights for as long as possible.

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