H1N1 threat increases when school starts

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Steve Benton
Thursday, August 20, 2009
— The Rock County Health Department is gearing up for an increased threat of the spread of the H1N1 flu virus.

County Nursing Director, Janet Zoellner, says the chances for the flu to spread will increase when school starts. She says kids have a tendency to not only spread the flu amongst their own groups, but also into the general public.

Compounding the threat is news out of the Centers for Disease Control, (C.D.C.), that the H1N1 flu vaccine won't be available until October, or later. Zoellner says there will also be limited supplies when it is released.

The goal at this point, she says, is to make sure people that are "at risk" get the vaccine when it is available.

The vaccine for the "regular seasonal" flu will be available early and Zoellner recommends taking advantage of it. She also says practicing good "hand washing hygiene" is very important for the young and old.

For further information, contact the Rock County Health Department. Janesville office, 757-5440, Beloit office, 364-2010.

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