Beloit City Council to consider property with unlawful occupancy

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Beth Wheelock
Sunday, August 16, 2009

The owners of a rental property in Beloit want to be able to keep renting to multiple tenants, although the city says they're renting unlawfully.

Assistant City Manager Steve Gregg says the owners of 736 Parker Avenue are requesting a zoning change for the parcel. He says the ciity frowns upon zoning one parcel for multi-family housing in the midst of a single-family district. The owners did have a rental permit in the past, but owed the city for utility and tax payments. Gregg says the city doesn't issue rental permits unless the property owner's accounts are clear with the the city.

He says neighborhood groups in the area often encourage homes to be converted to single-family residences as a way to reduce density and promote redevelopment.

Plan commission and city staff members are recommending the city council deny the zoning request at its meeting Monday.

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