Janesville employee pool wins lottery drawing

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Kathleen Foody
Thursday, August 13, 2009
— The office lottery pool has been a tradition for a group of employees at Lab Safety Supply in Janesville, but winning anything significant was always the punch line of the group’s jokes.

Not anymore.

A machine-selected number won the group $10,000 in Saturday’s Powerball drawing. The 17 co-workers were only one number away from splitting a multi-million dollar prize, but no one’s complaining, said ringleader Chad Cleasby of Orfordville.

The group will split about $5780 after taxes and get $340 each, a decent return for their $2 investment, Cleasby said.

Cleasby didn’t even realize they were winners until Wednesday afternoon when he checked Saturday’s ticket at recently opened The Station, 2601 W. Court St., Janesville. The group began buying tickets there when one man’s girlfriend got a job at the location.

“Nobody had won Powerball so I figured we had won $14,” Cleasby said.

Employees at the store scanned the ticket and directed him to the state lottery offices in Madison to collect the winnings. Cleasby said none of the group members believed him at first.

“I had to send them a picture of the ticket with the winning numbers printed out next to it on my cell phone,” he said. “A bunch of them still won’t believe me until their cash is in hand.”

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