Citations for Janesville property owner total more than $1500

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Beth Wheelock
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The owner of a house at 1608 South Grant Street in Janesville is receiving another citation for the condition of the house, totaling $1500 in citations up to this point.

Gale Price, manager of building and development services for the city, says the city has had a raze or repair order on the property for nearly a year and a half. Price says the city and the property owner had agreed on a compliance timeline that required the work be done on the house by the end of last year.

Meanwhile, property owner James Steitz tells WCLO Radio News the required work can't be done in the heat and humidity. He expects the house to be habitable by next week. Steitz says the attention from the city is caused by neighbors who want to tear the house down so they can have parties in the subsequently vacant lot.

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