Wind research a second job for local couple

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
— Lynda Kawula never expected she'd end up with a second job as a wind farm researcher, publishing a Web site opposing wind farm plans in Rock County.

She's now expanding her site, "Better Plan, Rock County," at www.betterplan.squarespace.com, to include video interviews with residents who live among Wisconsin's newest wind farms in the Fond du Lac area.

Her 1-year-old site attracts about 1,000 unique visitors a month from all over the country, she said.

Kawula and her husband, Kevin, live in Spring Valley Township just over the border from Magnolia Township, and fear plans for wind turbines around their home will ruin their country life.

Lynda said she spends about 40 hours a week online and doing other research while Kevin has been attending many of the meetings for Gov. Jim Doyle's task force on global warming. The couple think solar and manure digesters would be better alternatives for Rock County.

Lynda admits she's one of those "not-in-my-backyard" folks as far as wind turbines, but she said she believes wind turbines should be "not-in-anyone's-backyard."

The Kawulas spent a couple days among the wind farms up north, but plan to spend more time during the approaching windier seasons. Both experienced motion-type sickness around the turbines, Lynda said.

She's been editing and transcribing videos that are sent to her, as well as taking her own video and creating clips. She said the videos show the reality of living among a wind farm, from a mix of families who oppose and support the projects.

"It's turbines all the time in our house," she jokes.

Kevin will turn to her when she's on the computer and ask, "Are you turbining?"

"Yeah, I'm turbining," she says.

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