Halbachs withdraw alcohol license application

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Beth Wheelock
Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Rice Bowl restaurant on Janesville's Center Avenue will not have an alcohol license under the new name Rev. Jim's Roadhouse.

Mark Schroeder, Chair of the City's Alcohol License Advisory Committee says when the license application came up for consideration this week, the attorney representing Rebecca Halbach indicated she was withdrawing the application. Schroeder says Reverend Jim's Roadhouse was originally proposed for the Screamin' MeeMees location, and also withdrawn. Janesville Police previously made multiple arrests during an investigation into prostitution at Screamin' MeeMees. Chief Neil Mahan says he was prepared to provide the committee with information on the investigation into Screamin' MeeMees during its consideration of the new license application for Rev. Jim's Roadhouse.

The Halbachs decline comment.

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