ABC's 'Supernanny' to film in Evansville

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Thursday, September 4, 2008
— ABC’s “Supernanny” could be coming to Evansville to film a local family for two weeks this fall.

Alex Pesquera, field coordinator for Ricochet Television/Supernanny USA, sent a letter to Police Chief Scott McElroy seeking the city’s approval for filming from about 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Sept. 30 to Oct. 13, according to the letter released from the city.

“ABC has hand-picked a wonderful family from your community to be featured on their hit show ‘Supernanny,’” Pesquera wrote.

The family was not identified in the letter.

Johnnie Raines, casting director for the show, said Wednesday he could not confirm that the show was working with an Evansville family.

“When we work with a family, we try to keep their identity secret for their own sake until we actually have taped the show,” he said.

He stressed the show’s production schedule can change.

The show brings British nanny Jo Frost to parents across the country “to help them with their badly behaving children and turn them into angels in three weeks or less,” according to Pesquera’s letter.

Frost, the “real-life Mary Poppins,” offers hands-on, practical, tough love solutions to a mix of parenting nightmares, according to the show.

About 80 percent of filming would be within the home on private property, and the family’s neighbors would be notified, according to the letter. The crew would be small, and no street closures would be needed, Pesquera wrote.

The public safety committee discussed the show’s visit at a meeting Wednesday night. Committee chair Diane Roberts said she was given two possible dates for filming: Sept. 7 to 21 or Sept. 30 to Oct. 14.

“I think it’s pretty exciting,” she said.

Security should not be an issue, Pesquera wrote. Episodes are filmed with a small crew in a “documentary style,” and the show does not draw a crowd, he said.

The show would hire a couple local motor homes/trailers to be used as production offices parked on the street near the family’s home. Vehicles used to shuttle the crew from a hotel to the site also would be parked on the street during filming.

Pesquera lists the affected street as South Sixth Street.

Filming completed this fall will be turned around for episodes this season, which starts Friday, Oct. 3, Raines said.

“Supernanny” conducts a nationwide casting effort year-round through a tour, online applications and a hotline.

“Because we only have a few opportunities to send Jo to a few places across the country, we really try to find the best option,” Raines said.

A team of casting personnel travels the country to meet with moms and dads, and a committee decides which family to feature, he said.

Before filming, show producers already would have met with the family, he said, though he could not confirm producers have met with an Evansville family.

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