Twenty questions: Pondering Palin (but serious, folks…)

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Rick Horowitz
Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who knew John McCain was such a fan of speed dating?

Surprise is nice. Isn’t this more like “Shock and Uh…”?

The last time they went through this process, George Bush put Dick Cheney in charge of the veep search, and Cheney picked: Cheney. This time, John McCain put himself in charge of the veep search, and McCain picked Sarah Palin. Is it time for a better process?

Executive experience is nice. Would knowing something about the subjects she might be “executing” be useful, too?

If women are interchangeable, then Palin is a perfect pick for Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Do you think women are interchangeable?

When he introduced her Friday, McCain had to look down at his notes to make sure he got her name right. Did you find this especially comforting?

The PTA. He actually told Brian Williams about her work with the PTA?!

“What is it exactly that the vice president does every day?”

When I said that Palin will be great on foreign affairs because Alaska is right next door to Russia, I was making a joke. When Cindy McCain said it, was she making a joke?

I live across the street from a gas station—does that make me an energy expert?

How do you think Mitt Romney feels?

Did you happen to notice that, when New Orleans was almost totally evacuated before Hurricane Gustav, the few people remaining still outnumbered the population of Wasilla, Alaska?

Palin showed plenty of guts taking on corruption in her own party. What was she showing by referring to John McCain as “my running mate”?

When was the last time an unknown vice-presidential nominee’s first public remarks included the phrase “My fellow Americans…”?

Do you get the feeling that this running-for-national-office thing has been on Palin’s “To Do” list for a while?

Are you confident that we’ve heard the last of the revelations?

If the more problems she has the more “real” she is, why bother vetting people at all?

Before last week, he’d met her exactly once. How long did it take you to decide on that swimsuit?

When did “impetuous” become a synonym for “erratic”?

They say he chose Palin to recapture his self-image as a maverick. Isn’t that why they invented Corvettes?

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