Downtown postal center to reopen Monday

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Friday, October 31, 2008
— The postal center in the Olde Towne Mall, 20 S. Main St., will reopen Monday, mall management and postal officials announced Thursday.

Mold grew in the mall after June floodwaters receded. The postal center was closed and mail delivery to businesses in the mall was suspended Aug. 12 after postal workers got sick.

Tests on air samples collected in the mall Aug. 14 and Sept. 19 showed elevated levels of common indoor mold.

But tests on samples collected Oct. 24 showed acceptable results, said Theresa Myint, real estate specialist for the U.S. Post office in Bloomingdale, Ill.

“Based on the mold analysis report provided to us by the landlord, the report shows no elevated levels of mold,’’ Myint said.

Myint on Wednesday received the third and final analysis of samples collected Oct. 24, she said.

“Our environmental specialist had assessed the report, and advised us it was OK to move back in,’’ Myint said.

The postal center will be cleaned and sanitized today in preparation for Monday’s return to normal post office box and retail hours, Janesville Postmaster Michael A. Baldocchi said.

“We’re finally glad we’re able to go back in and serve customers like we did in the past,’’ he said.

Jackie Wood, co-owner of the mall, was thrilled with the news.

“A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” she said.

“It’s been a lot of work and stressful to not only clean up damage to the building but having the post office closed and knowing it inconvenienced everybody,” she said.

“Now that it will be reopened, I think things will get back to normal.’’

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