Voters flocking to vote absentee

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Thursday, October 30, 2008
— So many people have voted absentee in Beloit Township that the county had to send 30 more ballots over Wednesday night, town clerk Karry DeVault said this morning.

As many as eight to 10 voters have had to wait in line, but it hasn’t been an hour wait as others around the country have experienced, she said.

DeVault ordered about 300 absentee ballots for the last presidential election.

“This time I ordered 500 thinking I’d have plenty,” she said.

She had 11 of those left this morning, plus the extra 30. If she runs out before Tuesday, she’ll start dipping into the 5,000 ballots she ordered for Tuesday.

The only difference between the ballots are the absentee ballots are folded for mailing, she said.

If the town runs low on ballots on Election Day, it will be able to share with 13 other municipalities that have the same ballot, she said.

“If everybody’s out, then we’d have to copy,” she said.

Ballots can be copied, and then they’d have to be hand counted because they’re not on the heavier paper needed to be counted by machine, she said.

“People will get to vote either way,” she said.

Rock County Clerk Lori Stottler said earlier this week absentee voting is high everywhere in the county, particularly in larger municipalities where clerks have longer office hours to accommodate absentee voters.

DeVault doesn’t anticipate having results until about 10 p.m. on Tuesday because each ballot needs to be checked for write-ins.

Many of the people voting absentee just don’t want to or have time to stand in line on Tuesday, she said. But because so many people already have voted, the lines might not be as long on Tuesday as people are anticipating, she said.

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