Student expelled for making threats

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Thursday, October 30, 2008
— A middle school student accused of threatening violence was one of three students expelled by the Janesville School Board on Tuesday.

The student made the threats to do harm to students and staff in a class writing assignment, said Karen Schulte, director of student services.

The student later made verbal threats, she said.

“We take anything written very seriously,” Schulte said, because the attackers in some fatal attacks at schools and colleges nationwide had written of their intentions beforehand.

“Our concern for the safety of the district and students at that school led us to take these actions,” Schulte said.

The school district does not reveal the school from which students are expelled. Other identifying information, such as age and gender, also are kept secret.

The student is expelled through August 2009 but may return earlier. The earliest she or he could return is January 2009, after getting a positive report from a counselor and complying with anger-management recommendations.

If reinstated early, the student must maintain satisfactory attendance, behavior and schoolwork.

Also expelled were:

n A high school student accused of possessing marijuana on school grounds, expelled through the end of the 2009-10 school year, with no possibility of early reinstatement.

n A high school student accused of repeatedly disobeying school rules, expelled through the end of this semester with no possibility of early reinstatement.

This brings to six the number of students expelled this school year, compared with three at this time last year.

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