Janesville attorney has a witchy collection

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Monday, October 27, 2008
— Margery Tibbetts doesn't have a collection of Precious Moments figurines or cute bunnies.

The Janesville attorney prefers witches. And the more personality, the better.

This time of year, her collectibles fit right in with the season.

Tibbetts, 46, of 65 S. Blackhawk St., pulls out all the stops when the holiday comes around.

She's always liked Halloween, a time of year that she describes as "magical."

But she's not so much a creepy-movie type of person. Rather, the traditional Halloween costumes and décor catch her fancy. Her birthday is just a few days before Halloween, so that probably adds to her delight in the festivities.

While Tibbetts likes everything Halloween, she has a particular fondness for witches. She keeps some up all year as reminders of the season.

Witches decorate the top of her kitchen cabinets. On a wall hangs a framed playbill from "Wicked," the wildly popular Broadway musical about the witches of Oz. She has seen the play several times and has tickets to see it again. She also has the "Grimmerie," a book of spells from the play. Red ruby slippers sit on a shelf.

A sign asks, "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

Witches on broomsticks fly from doorjambs, and two large wooden cutouts depict witches framed by full moons.

Tibbetts has pretty spell books and a collection of children's Halloween books.

Some of her witches are on pumpkins, some are in pumpkins and some are carving pumpkins. Flying witches are silhouetted on candle holders.

She keeps her duplicate witches in her office.

Some people are taken aback, but most like her choice of décor, she said. While her youngest son asks why they have so many witches, the older one just shakes his head.

Tibbetts enjoys hosting dinner parties at Halloween and has books and magazines with scary food ideas.

She has served pasta with baloney curled like worms; mozzarella balls with olives that look like eyeballs, and a worm salad made of curled carrots, celery and zucchini. Raisins and black-olive shards look like bugs.

Tibbetts' "mummies"—hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls—are hits with her two boys. And she makes a killer meatloaf in the shape of a foot, with crunchy almonds doubling as toenails and ketchup spurting from an ankle.

Tibbetts has three witch get-ups—glued-on nose and all. Afterward, it takes three days for the green tinge to leave her face. She's also hosted children's Halloween parties in costume at her law firm, Brennan Steil & Basting.

The broomstick from her costume is one of the items Tibbett leaves out as a yearlong reminder, leaning against a bookcase in the family room.

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