Bush to Palin: Keep it up!

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Rick Horowitz
Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hey Sarah!

Laura and I were up in the family quarters last night talking about this and that, and naturally the conversation got around to the election. So I decided if I had a couple of minutes free on the schedule today, I’d drop you this little note. And I do, so I am!

I’d probably be telling you the exact same thing in person if I was coming to your rallies, but—you probably know this—I haven’t been to too many. John’s schedule and mine just didn’t work out that way, which is too bad, but I understand. Not everything goes the way you plan sometimes.

Anyway, this note is because I know you’ve been going through a tough spell lately, and you shouldn’t let it get you down. (Or not too much anyway!) Even though you’re pretty new to national politics, I’ll bet you’ve already figured it out: There’s nothing to do with criticism but ignore it.

Certain people won’t ever be satisfied—that’s just the way it is. And just when you think you’ve finally got them convinced, they’ll still surprise you and tell everyone what a loser you are!

You have to especially ignore the polls—they’re the worst of all, and you can never predict what they’ll say. They just go up and down for no reason.

For instance, I’ll bet you were surprised to see in some of those latest polls that you’re an even bigger drag on John’s chances than I am!

I know I was surprised. Especially after all these months hearing how I’m the one who’s pulling him down, and how if it wasn’t for me, he’d be doing so much better with everyone. But no—if you believe the polls, you’re the big problem, not me. Which is why you have to ignore them.

If you guys still want to tell people how bad things have been for the last eight years, and how you’ll be changing everything, that’s your business, and Laura’s always reminding me how people have to run their own campaign their own way. But maybe you’ll want to find some different ways to say it, especially since it’s looking like you’re an even bigger drag on John’s chances than I am.

Just because most of the people don’t think you’re qualified—that’s no reason to hang your head. And just because they don’t trust John’s judgment anymore because he picked you—that’s no reason to hang your head either. John maybe, but not you.

The thing about poll numbers is that they’re always going in one direction or the other. And just like my numbers will start going up again any day now, I’ll bet yours will, too—though maybe not right away, especially since those other polls were taken even before the news came out about those little shopping sprees at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. (Laura loves the boots, by the way!)

So it’ll probably be a while for you. In fact, it’ll probably get even worse before it gets better. In the meantime, my advice is just keep doing what you’re doing, right through to Election Day. The most important thing is not to let it bother you that you’re an even bigger drag on John’s chances than I am.

It certainly doesn’t bother me!


Rick Horowitz is a syndicated columnist. You can write to him at rickhoro@execpc.com.

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