Lyons voters to decide on services

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Ted Sullivan
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
— Voters in Lyons Township will decide Nov. 4 if they want the town to contract with a company to haul garbage and recycling from their homes.

A referendum will ask voters if they want to increase the town's tax levy next year by 51 percent—from $336,250 to $504,250—to provide garbage and recycling services.

The town has about 3,700 residents living northeast of Lake Geneva. It expects up to 1,900 residents to vote in the election.

The levy would pay for the first year of service, town clerk Karla Hill said, and then the levy would return to normal.

An annual fee would be added to property tax bills to pay for the service after the first year, Hill said.

Residents would be required to get the garbage and recycling service, Hill said, and the rate would likely be less than what they currently are paying.

"We are somewhat confident that it will be a savings for residents," Hill said.

People now have the option of hiring one of up to four companies that haul garbage and recycling, town chairman William Mangold said. The rates vary with each company.

If the town gave a big contract to one bidder, the service should be cheaper, Mangold said.

The town estimates it will cost $13 to $15 a month or $150 to $180 a year for garbage and recycling service, Hill said.

Business owners and residents in apartment complexes with four or more units would not be required to participate.

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