Public record for Oct. 19, 2008

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Gazette Staff
Sunday, October 19, 2008


- ANDREW C. RENSBERRY, 28, of 1645 S. Crosby Ave., Janesville, at 6:27 p.m. Friday at his home on charges of domestic violence and strangulation.

Intoxicated driving arrests

- MICHAEL D. PETERSON, 21, of 1518 Wolcott St., Janesville, at 8:35 p.m. Wednesday at Monterey Lane and State Street, Janesville.

- BENJAMIN C. KETTLE, 25, of 435 Centerway, Janesville, at 2:57 a.m. Saturday in the 1900 block of North Lexington Drive, Janesville. He was also arrested on a warrant charging obstructing.


- BURGLARY reported at 5:43 p.m. Friday in the 2600 block of North Lexington Drive, Janesville. The victim reported $1,600 in cash and a $300 computer stolen.

- RETAIL THEFT reported Oct. 2 at Samís Club, 3900 Deerfield Drive, Janesville. The manager reported a man and woman stole two computers worth $2,558 by putting them in boxes for toys and purchasing the toys.


- JAMAR L. JOHNSON, 18, of 822 S. Masters St., Beloit, of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and obstructing an officer after police reported finding marijuana in his pocket Monday in the 200 block of Chatham Street, Janesville. He was also charged with sexual assault of a child after police say a 15-year-old girl said he raped her Aug. 22 in the 700 block of Glen Street, Janesville.

- JOHN G. FRANCIS, 75, of 43 S. Concord Drive, Janesville, of disorderly conduct, domestic abuse, use of a dangerous weapon and false imprisonment after police say he threatened to kill his 76-year-old wife Monday.

Rock County

- KEVIN L. ALT, 35, of 4818 Highway 14, Janesville, two counts of manufacturing and delivering cocaine as repeat offender and one count of possession with intent to deliver cocaine, five years in prison, two years extended supervision, six-months driverís license revocation.

- PAUL R. BORMAN, 48, of 502 Chestnut St., Janesville, charges of disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia both dismissed but read into court record.

- KEWAYNE S. BROWN, 23, of 1254 Harrison Ave., Beloit, formerly of Janesville, domestic disorderly conduct, $576.

- PATRICIA E. COLEMAN, 58, Hudson, property damage, $309.

- JOSHUA O. DAHL, 23, of 203 N. Palm St., Janesville, charges of obstructing, three counts of misdemeanor bail-jumping as repeat offender, one count of misdemeanor theft of property, two counts of misdemeanor theft of property as repeat offender and one count of misdemeanor intentional retail theft all dismissed.

- KATE E. DALLMAN, 27, of 1008 Ravine St., No. 2, Janesville, charge of party to obtaining controlled substance by fraud dismissed.

- RICHARD L. DEMENT JR., 19, of 1218 Bennett St., Janesville, domestic disorderly conduct, 15 days in jail with Huber privileges, $180.

- WAYNE N. DRONSO III, 17, of 1434 S. Osborne Ave., Janesville, criminal damage to property, $350. Charges of misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct both dismissed but read into court record.

- HAROLD E. ESTEP JR., 25, of 1230 Woodland Drive, Milton, felony battery by prisoners, two years in prison, three years extended supervision, $105. Charges of two counts of felony bail-jumping both dismissed but read into court record.

- WILLIAM FAUST JR., 59, of 2202 St. Lawrence Ave., Beloit, misdemeanor theft of property, $2,000 restitution, $524.

- MITCHELL R. FROST, 22, of 110 Adams St., Beloit, possession of marijuana, six-months driverís license suspension, $319.

- DIANE M. GIBSON, 46, of 529 Troy Drive, Madison, formerly of Evansville, $355 restitution.

- MARK W. GILLE, 58, of 548 N. Walnut St., Janesville, domestic disorderly conduct, 10 days in jail, $155.

- JESSIE J. GONZALEZ, 23, of 310 S. Janesville St., Milton, formerly of Janesville, felony vehicle operator fleeing, felony first degree reckless endangerment of safety, 90 days in jail with Huber privileges, five years probation, $210. Charges of misdemeanor domestic battery, domestic criminal damage to property and operating with suspended driverís license all dismissed but read into court record. Charge of domestic disorderly conduct dismissed.

- LESTER R. GRACE, 55, of 1601 N. Randall Ave., No. 18, Janesville, obtaining prescription drug by fraud, $413.

- JAMES P. GREVING, 40, of 721 Center Ave., Janesville, domestic disorderly conduct, $324.

- BRIAN L. JOHNSON, 38, of 468 N. Walnut St., Janesville, two counts of misdemeanor domestic battery, 30 days in jail with credit and Huber privileges, $235

- MAURA OíLEARY, 40, New Port Richey, Fla., domestic disorderly conduct, $324. Charge of domestic criminal damage to property dismissed but read into court record.

- DEWEY J. PERNOT, 44, of 2306 Palomino Drive, Janesville, felony possession of firearm, charge of second degree felony reckless endangerment of safety amended to misdemeanor reckless endangerment of safety with use of a dangerous weapon, misdemeanor violating harassment restraining order, 18 months probation, $240.

- WENDY L. ROMACK, 36, of 633 Albion St., Edgerton, formerly of Janesville, $1,918 restitution.

- TYLER D. ROTZOLL, 17, of 200 Highway 14, Janesville, escaping traffic ordinance violation, 10 days in jail, $80.

- ANTHONY W. STUCKEY, 18, of 1825 Green Forest Run, Janesville, two counts of party to criminal damage to property, seven months in jail with Huber privileges, $1,767 restitution, $88.

- JOSHUA C. VAN KRAANEN, 19, of 321 S. Washington St., Janesville, party to theft of property, misdemeanor bail-jumping, charge of felony criminal damage to property amended to party to trespassing on land, four months in jail, five additional days in jail in lieu of $306 fine. Charge of felony bail-jumping dismissed.

- JARED P. TAUSCHER, 29, of 306 Chaucer St., Edgerton, three counts of felony drunken driving sixth and more offenses, intentional retail theft, four years in prison, four years extended supervision, 27 months driverís license revocation, $39 restitution, $1,246. Charges of three counts of driving with revoked driverís license, three counts of driving with prohibited blood-alcohol concentration of 0.02 or more sixth and more offenses and obstructing all dismissed but read into court record.

- MARY M. MEYER, 49, of 1703 W. Court St., Janesville, possession of drug paraphernalia, six-months suspension of driverís license, $161.

- JENNIFER A. LOWELL, 31, of 4929 Linden Road, No. 811, Rockford, Ill., formerly of Janesville, misdemeanor prostitution by sexual contact, $224.

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