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Church hoping it can get back antique windows

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Saturday, October 18, 2008
— The Rev. Bruce Jones is operating under the assumption that the person or persons who took the church windows thought they were trash.

Thatís not just Christian charity talking.

First, it would take a lot of nerve to steal windows from a churchóand on a Sunday, too.

Secondly, the antique windows in question were stored near a construction Dumpster.

Sometime last Sunday, someone stole/removed a set of antique windows from the First Presbyterian Church, 17 North Jackson St., Janesville.

The historic church is undergoing extensive renovations, and as part of that project, two arched windows and several smaller square windows were taken out of the building.

After removal, the windows, which were between 75- and 100-years-old were placed near a garbage container, where they sat for several weeks.

ďI asked the contractor to put them in the basement, but that didnít happen,Ē said Rev. Jones.

But heís not blaming the contractor because Jones knows that if he had insisted the windows be moved, they would have been moved.

Itís just one of those things.

The windows were made of textured glass, and Jones hoped they would be able to sell them to an architectural restoration firm. People had expressed an interest in buying them, and he had been offered between $30 and $75 for each one.

Of the five that were taken, one was an arched window, three were more traditional rectangular ones and one was a partial window.

Jones estimates each window is worth between $50 and $100.

ďIím sure they thought they were trash,Ē Jones said.

Jones is willing to extend the spirit of Christian forgiveness to the person who took Godís windows off of Godís property.

Well, thatís not quite the way he put it.

ďWe donít need them back, but it would be nice to have a donation,Ē Jones said.

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