Klein wins second straight title

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Friday, October 17, 2008
— On a perfect day to run, Shannon Klein ran the perfect race.

The Brodhead High sophomore won her second straight Rock Valley Conference cross country title here Thursday. She finished with a time of 15 minutes, 57 seconds in the 4,000-meter race, 14 seconds ahead of East Troy’s Alyssa Duncan.

Thanks to Duncan’s second-place finish, East Troy captured the 12-team title with 74 points. McFarland, which won the Rock Valley North girls dual meet championship, finished third with 93. Whitewater wassecond with 77, and Rock Valley South dual champion Orfordville Parkview was fifth with 143.

Beloit Turner sophomore Jose Perez won the boys 5,000-meter race, but the Trojans—Rock Valley South dual champions—were fourth overall. Rock Valley North dual meet champion McFarland won the boys team title with 39 points.

Klein left little doubt that she’s on her way to becoming a four-time Rock Valley meet champion. Kicking into gear over the last 800 meters, Klein ran uncontested down the stretch.

“I was definitely hoping for this kind of weather to run in,” Klein said of the sunny and seasonable day. “My strategy was to stay with the people I knew would run in front, and also try not to let my nerves get the best of me.

“Last year, I had a time around 16:30, so I’m really pleased with my time this year.”

With a second straight conference title in tow, Klein said the next goal is a repeat trip to the state meet.

Orfordville Parkview sophomore Melissa Harnack was third overall with a time of 16:17, while East Troy’s Callie Sterle was sixth in 16:25.

After finishing third at the conference meet a year ago, Perez had one goal in mind Thursday. Winning it all.

Much like Klein, Perez made his move to the front with about 800 meters to go. Perez cruised to the title with a time of 17:35—13 seconds faster than runner-up Ben Cipriano of Whitewater.

Perez had strict orders from his coach, John Turner, to stay with the lead pack. The strategy paid off as Perez let the lead runners do all the work while he waited for his chance to make his move.

“After we made the second loop (around the course), I made my push,” Perez said. “And once I got close to the finish, I still felt pretty good.

“It feels great to win, especially after getting third last year.”

Clinton’s Daniel Banh finished fifth with a time of 18:26, and Whitewater’s Noah Mielke was seventh at 18:35.

The top eight finishers in each race are All-Rock Valley Conference first team, while the next eight are second team.

Rock Valley cross country



McFarland 39, Whitewater 79, Clinton 86, Turner 90, Orfordville Parkview 156, Edgerton 184, East Troy 189, Evansville 190, Brodhead/Juda 242, Walworth Big Foot 249, Palmyra-Eagle 257, Jefferson 303.



McFarland, 5-0; Whitewater, 4-1; Edgerton, 3-2; Evansville, 2-3; East Troy, 1-4; Jefferson, 0-5.


Beloit Turner, 5-0; Clinton, 4-1; Walworth Big Foot, 2-3; Brodhead/Juda, 2-3; Orfordville Parkview, 2-3; Palmyra-Eagle, 0-5.


(5,000 meters)

1. Jose Perez (BT), 17:35; 2. Ben Cipriano (Wh), 17:48; 3. Brian Barr (McF), 17:58; 4. Steven Jordan (McF), 18:21; 5. Daniel Banh (Cl), 18:26; 6. Max Kelley (McF), 18:27; 7. Noah Mielke (Wh), 18:35; 8. Evan Arnold (Ev), 18:38; 9. Zach Bennett (OP), 18:39; 10. Peter Grenzow (McF), 18:42; 11. Daniel Drewes (BJ), 18:43; 12. Brian Gilbank (Cl), 18:45; 13. Nate Lewis (WBF), 18:46; 14. Derrick Schleis (Wh), 18:46; 15. Joe Pickett (BT), 18:58; 16. Yunhui Zhao (McF), 18:59; 17. Sean Lavery (Cl), 19:02; 18. Zach Edwards (Wh), 19:08; 19. Sam Siegmann (McF), 19:09; 20. Scott Greenler (Ed), 19:09; 21. Max Wright (BT), 19:10; 22. Jarod Schleusner (Ed), 19:14; 23. Taylor Crawford (PE), 19:16; 24. Brad Hesebeck (Cl), 19:17.

-- Top eight are first-team all-conference; 9-16; are second team; 17-24 are honorable mention.



East Troy 74, Whitewater 77, McFarland 93, Evansville 97, Orfordville Parkview 143, Walworth Big Foot 160, Jefferson 164, Brodhead/Juda 212, Clinton 241, Edgerton 251, Palmyra-Eagle 282, Beloit Turner 332.



McFarland, 5-0; Whitewater, 4-1; Evansville, 3-2; East Troy, 2-3; Jefferson, 1-4; Edgerton, 0-5.


Orfordville Parkview, 5-0; Walworth Big Foot, 4-1; Brodhead/Juda, 3-2; Clinton, 2-3; Palmyra-Eagle, 1-4; Beloit Turner, 0-5.


1. Shannon Klein (BJ), 15:57; 2. Alyssa Duncan (ET), 16:11; 3. Melissa Harnack (OP), 16:17; 4. Jacie Jermier (McF), 16:22; 5. Katie Duggleby (McF), 16:23; 6. Callie Sterle (ET), 16:25; 7. Lindsay Knoebel (J), 16:26; 8. Lauren Janes (Ev), 16:30; 9. Angela McKenzie (Wh), 16:33; 10. Meghan Valentine (ET), 16:36; 11. Kelsey Harms (Wh), 16:43; 12. Carly Hutchins (Ev), 16:50; 13. Cortney Trewyn (Wh), 16:52; 14. Raquel Newman (Cl), 17:00; 15. Danielle Laine (PE), 17:01; 16. Kate Berg (WBF), 17:03; 17. Katelyn Harsevort (Cl), 17:04; 18. Alexandra Martin (WBF), 17:05; 19. Jessica Shelbourn (Wh), 17:07; 20. Leanna Kinney (Ev), 17:09; 21. Richelle Cooley (McF), 17:12; 22. .Kate Iloncaie (ET), 17:12; 23. Hava Blair (J), 17:13; 24. Allie Schaitel (OP), 17:14.

-- Top eight are first-team all-conference; 9-16; are second team; 17-24 are honorable mention.

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