City looks for ways to pay for flood damage

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
— A washout on Afton Road.

Erosion at the arboretum.

A flooded elevator at Hedberg Public Library.

Electrical problems in Riverside Park.

Sink holes on Beloit Avenue and Pease Court.

The Janesville City Council earlier this week viewed a list of the damage caused by this summer's flood. Forty-nine projects are included.

Staff estimates that the local share to repair the damage is about $608,900. That is an estimate because FEMA has had turnover in staff and has not supplied the city with its reimbursement number, said Jack Messer, director of public works.

Still, the city must find the money for the repairs and also include an estimated borrowing cost in the 2009 budget. The borrowing will be adjusted in spring.

Messer asked the council to include another $92,000 to cover any unexpected costs. In addition, trees and landscaping costs are not covered by FEMA.

Messer estimates the city will receive $539,375 from the state and $3 million from the federal government. Combined with earlier reimbursements, that pushes the total to $4.24 million.

The administration proposes to find the money for the local share by borrowing $355,000 in 2009 to be repaid by the general fund and getting the rest from the storm water and wastewater funds and from the parkland acquisition fund. The parkland fund is being used to pay for the local share of money to buy the damaged homes that will be razed in the Mole & Sadler's subdivision near Riverside Park. That property will revert to parkland.

Councilman Tom McDonald said he is concerned about borrowing money to fix the flood damage. He was the only council member to vote against the appropriations.

Messer said staff doesn't believe the city has enough money on hand in the 2008 budget to cover the costs given the large snow removal bill from last winter.

The cost also would strain the 2009 operating budget, which must stay under a state cap, said Jay Winzenz, acting city manager.

Below is the list of 49 repair projects.


Afton Road washout south of Rockport Road

Monterey Bike Trail washout west of Washington Street

Signal repairs at Beloit Avenue and Delavan Drive intersection

Main and Centerway signal repairs

Beloit Avenue sinkhole repair by catch basin near Dawson Field

Palmer Drive sinkhole repair east of Beloit Avenue

Prospect Avenue street and storm sewer repair Main to Riverside by United Way

Pease Court sinkholes and storm sewer repair at intersection, Main to river wall

Main Street storm sewer repairs: 15 inches on Avon Street Main to River, 48 inches by City Ice Box Main to River, 30 foot by river outlet at 600 N. Main St., and 30 foot at end of Hyatt Street

St. Mary Court Street and storm sewer repair and cleaning

Arbor Ridge culvert

Arboretum erosion

Main/Centerway storm relocation

Monterey outlet structure repair

Monterey stabilize cave

Monterey shoreline repair at inlet structure

Monterey revetment repairs

Shoreline repair at Racine Court (North side of Racine Street Bridge)

Hedberg Public Library repairs, elevator, carpet and shelving

Senior Center elevator repairs

South River Road lift station

Evonik Storm sewer repair

Repair of street and sink hole over storm sewer at intersection of Rockport and River Street extending to the outlet at the Rock River

Oakland Avenue storm sewer repairs

St. Lawrence Avenue storm sewer, clean and evaluate

Racine Street sanitary sewer collapse

Main Street storm sewer replacement by 14 N. Main St.

Rock River Parkway Bridge restoration

Afton Road boat launch repair

Monterey Park

Repair approaches to Jackson Street bike trail, both ends

Kiwanis Pond pier repairs/ storm pipe repair

East River walkway, Centerway south to Milwaukee Street

Washout bike trail below Centerway Dam on West River Bank

River wall inspection and/or repair on west river wall from Racine Street north to Wall Street

Traxler Park

Placement of fill soils

Electrical repair

Culvert head wall repairs and north end, shore riprap, repair of Lagoon revetment

Repair/Replacement of stage and shoreline railroad ties by bleachers

Sidewalk wall and revetment along east side of lagoon

Riverside Park

Wading pool repair/replacement

Placement of fill soils in low areas

Electrical repair at north end of park

Repairs to box culvert at south end of park

Repairs to flooded mound septic system

Repair/replacement of stage and shoreline ties by bleachers (unfunded portion)

Sidewalk wall and revetment along east side of lagoon (unfunded portion)

East river walkway, Centerway south to Milwaukee Street (unfunded portion)

Property acquisition and mitigation program

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