State offers help to displaced GM workers

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Steve Benton
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
— The state continues to provide information and resources to workers who have lost their jobs because of the economy, including those in Janesville.

DWD Secretary, Roberta Gassman, has made a number of trips to Janesville touting programs like the on-line service that links job seekers with job openings. The news this week that G-M will shut down production in Janesville was expected, but still disappointing, according to Gassman. She says anticipating the news is one way to help displaced workers before families run out of money.

The state just received word that $3.8 million, in the form of a federal grant, will help laid off workers. New business opportunities and business expansions are also helping ease the pressure in Rock County.

Gassman is urging job seekers to use the programs the state has set up. The information can be obtained from the job service center in Janesville.

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