School board debates superintendent search

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Beth Wheelock
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

At least one Janesville School Board member is not pleased with the way the board was notified of Superintendent Tom Evert's retirement.

Commissioner Lori Stottler says she has concerns receiving a phone call from the board president one hour before a pre-scheduled press conference announcing how the news would be laid out without the full agreement of the board. She says she believes a special board meeting announcing receipt of Evert's retirement and a discussion of how to proceed would have better served the board and the school district. Stottler says before that phone call, she was just told President DuWayne Severson was working on a project. At Tuesday's school board meeting, Severson indicated he and Evert discussed Evert's retirement for several months. Severson says he and Evert agreed to the one-hour notice to keep the announcement confidential, but he apologizes if it was offensive.

The board will schedule a special meeting to discuss the superintendent search, whether to use a consulting firm, and the level of involvement from the board and community.

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