Budgets, baseball and billing at Janesville City Council meeting

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Beth Wheelock
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Janesville's City Council hears the proposed budget for 2009, including an increase to the average property tax owner of $21.23.

That increase doesn't sit well with Council Member George Brunner. He says any increase in the tax levy is not acceptable for citizens with fixed incomes or those facing a loss of employment. Brunner asked Acting City Manager Jay Winzenz what it would take to have a budget that doesn't increase taxes for 2009. The Council has a budget study session scheduled October 22.

Janesville's Youth Sports Complex will soon grow, after the Council approved an amendment to its lease with the Janesville Youth Baseball and Softball Association. Representative Duffy Dillon gave the Council a funding progress report at Monday's meeting. He says the organization has secured both monetary and in-kind donations. Council Member Russ Steeber says the project is important, despite Janesville's economic challenges. The city will contribute between $1.3 and $1.4 million for infrastructure for the project.

The Council also approved a solution to a billing mistake for sidewalk repairs. Forty properties have major discrepancies between the original estimate for sidewalk repair and the amount the property owner was billed. Those property owners won't have to pay the modified amount, but taxpayers will have to pick up the difference. Public Works Director Jack Messer says it's the city's general taxpayer will have to shoulder about $26,500. The city had previously borrowed funds for green belts, ramps and other obligations. The city would reapply the funds to a different category and catch up on the work another year.

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