GM decision affects many other workers

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Monday, October 13, 2008
— The end of sport utility vehicle production in December will leave more than just GM workers out in the cold.

Workers at companies that supply the Janesville auto plant on a just-in-time basis will also be out of work, and they don't enjoy many of the benefits available to displaced GM workers.

When their jobs end, those workers likely will get 26 weeks of state unemployment pay that will max out at $355 per week.

Besides unemployment compensation, displaced GM workers are entitled to supplemental unemployment benefits and a Jobs Bank program that were negotiated into their UAW contract.

The three largest GM suppliers in the area are Lear Corp. and LSI in Janesville and United Industries in Beloit. Employees at those companies don't have the SUB pay or Jobs Bank options in their UAW contracts.

Lear has about 350 workers in Janesville who supply the plant with seating systems. LSI's 150 employees deliver parts to the GM plant and perform other sequencing operations. United is a Beloit-based tubing supplier to the GM plant in Janesville.

"What they've decided to do is stop SUV production in Janesville, but there's been no decision about what comes next," said Mike Vaughn, United Auto Workers Local 95 shop chairman at Lear.

"We'll have to wait and see."

Without a product at the GM plant, Lear and other suppliers have little reason to be in Janesville.

Vaughn said he doesn't expect a final decision on the closing of the Janesville Lear plant until December.

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