'Supernanny' to finish filming Sunday

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Saturday, October 11, 2008
— ABC's filming of "Supernanny" in Evansville will wrap up Sunday, but an air date for the episode featuring the local family has not been set, a spokeswoman said.

"We try to just shoot quietly in the town where we're filming," ABC spokeswoman Pat Preblick said.

The crew from the reality show started filming at a home on South Sixth Street on the city's west side last week. Since then, curious onlookers have increased the traffic in the neighborhood, area residents said.

City Council President Mason Braunschweig makes a weekly trip down the street to check the status of a retention pond.

"I could tell there was a lot more traffic this week on my drive," he said. "I think people are intrigued."

Including himself.

"I'll probably watch that show for the first time ever," he said.

The show brings British nanny Jo Frost to parents across the country to help them with their "badly behaving children and turn them into angels in three weeks or less," according to the show.

Frost, the "real-life Mary Poppins," offers hands-on, practical, tough love solutions to a mix of parenting nightmares.

An air date for the local episode likely won't be set for a couple months, though it probably will run before the end of this season in May, Preblick said.

Last week's World Dairy Expo in Madison forced the television show's crew to rent apartments in Madison because Evansville's new hotel was sold out, said Brad Moellenberndt, owner of Cobblestone Inn & Suites.

Evansville police said they've had no problems with the filming.

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