Sidewalk requested for safety reasons

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Saturday, October 11, 2008
— A stretch of sidewalk in the Village Green apartment complex in Janesville could become the only new sidewalk included on the 2008 sidewalk program.

The council decided that the city this summer would take care of a backlog of complaints concerning existing sidewalk in disrepair. No new sidewalk would be built, they decided, unless it was requested by residents’ petitions or for safety reasons.

The engineering department received a request for a sidewalk from a resident of an apartment on the east side of Morningside Drive. She must operate her wheelchair in the street to move between her apartment and her garage located in an off-street private parking lot.

The property owner was unwilling to sign a waiver of a special assessment to allow the sidewalk installation this year without bringing a resolution before the council.

The apartment complex is managed by Olympic Realty in Appleton.

The sidewalk is on the city’s sidewalk map as a planned sidewalk. The resolution identifies the area as a public safety hazard by the city engineer.

The sidewalk would be built on the east side of Morningside Drive and run 345 feet south of Canyon Drive to 70 feet north of Canyon Drive.

If approved, the owner would be assessed for 354 feet of sidewalk at the 2007 new sidewalk rate for a total cost of $8,319.

A public hearing on the resolution is scheduled at 7 p.m. Monday in City Hall, 18 N. Jackson St.

The council had decided to delay until 2009 an ambitious sidewalk program that would begin to connect the city’s patchwork of sidewalks.

However, Jack Messer, director of operations, said at a recent neighborhood meeting that he might ask the council to delay that program because his department has been swamped cleaning up after the flood.

The council in 2006 required that sidewalks be built on both sides of the street in new subdivisions.


The Janesville City Council will meet at 7 p.m. Monday in City Hall, 18 N. Jackson St. Items on the agenda include:

-- Approval of a contract with new city manager Eric Levitt, which includes a base salary of $136,000.

-- Presentation of the 2009 budget.

-- A public hearing on a proposed ordinance rezoning property located at 2304 and 2305 Fulton Street from M2 to B4.

-- Review of the development proposal from the Janesville Youth Baseball and Softball Association to expand its athletic fields and facilities at the Youth Sports Complex, followed by action on the lease.

-- Action on a proposed resolution dissolving TIF No. 8 and TIF No. 20.

-- Action on a proposed resolution authorizing funds for flood costs.

-- Action on a proposed TIF agreement with Cummins, Inc. authorizing a $187,500 development loan for a distribution center located in TIF No. 22.

-- Presentation by the administration on the 2008 Sidewalk Replacement Program and authorization to spend funds.

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