Parker second at relay event

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Gazette Staff
Saturday, October 11, 2008
— Janesville Parker High School’s girls swimming team stood its ground at the Rockford Auburn Relays on Saturday.

The Vikings repeated last season’s second-place finish, getting edged, 94-90, by host Auburn.

“We came in second again, and there is no argument at all about that,” Parker coach Andrea Nickel said. “The girls did an outstanding job in the last race, it was fun to watch.’’

Auburn opened the meet nine points ahead of Parker because it has diving.

“We were nine points behind in diving, but we were five points better in the swimming events,” Nickel said.

Parker won the frosh-soph 200 medley relay with Sara Gosline, Emily Mauermann, Sam Witek and Frankie Larson in 2 minutes, 14.47 seconds, the freestyle sprint relay with Leah Letson, Bernie Sanderson and Mauermann in 1:28.43, the 100 plus 50 relay with Samantha Witek, Jenna Miland and Mauermann in 4:35.67 and the frosh-soph 250 freestyle crescendo relay with Gosline, Larson, Witek and Mauermann in 2:31.05.



Rockford Auburn 94, Janesville Parker 90, Rockford Harlem 75, Rocton Hononegah 62, Rockford Boylan 58, Rockford East 41, Belevidere 33.


300 medley relay—Auburn, 3:18.36. 2. Parker (Michelle Kortyna, Jenna Miland, Erin Jensen. Megan Olin), 3:21.40.

Frosh-soph 200 medley relay—1. Parker (Sara Gosline, Emily Mauermann, Sam Witek, Frankie Larson), 2:14.47.

50 plus 50 relay—1. Auburn, 2:55.00. 2. Parker (Bridget Kortyna, Brooke Weis, Megan Olin), 2:55.11.

300 indvidual medley relay—1. Harlem, 3:22.12. 3. Parker (Jenna Miland, Sam anacker, Michelle Kortyna), 3:30.51.

Freestyle sprint relay—1. Parker (Leah Letson, Bernie Sanderson, Emily Mauermann), 1:28.43.

200 class relay—1. Auburn, 1:52.99. 2. Parker (Gosline, Witek, Olin, Michelle Kortyna), 1:54.26.

Sprint-butterfly relay—1. Harlem, 1:32.63. 3. Parker (Anacker, Bridget Kortyna, Jensen), 1:38.15.

100-plus 50 relay—1. Parker (Witek, Miland, Mauermann), 4:35.67.

300 backstroke relay—1. Harlem, 3:17.37. 2. Parker (Sanderson, Weis, Michelle Kortyna), 3:36.35.

300 breaststroke relay—1. Harlem, 3:42.53. 2. Parker (Anacker, Miland, Bridget Kortyna), 3:46.29.

Frosh-soph 250 freestyle crescendo relay—1. Parker (Gosline, Larson, Witek, Maurermann), 2:31.05

350 freestyle crescendo—1. Auburn, 3:30.84. 2. Parker (Letson, Sanderson, Olin, Bridget Kortyna), 3:42.96.

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