Parkview School District "stops the bleeding" of student migration

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Beth Wheelock
Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good news for the Parkview School District: educators are finding ways to keep students from transferring out to different districts.

Interim Superintendent Patrick Kennedy says the goal starting last year was to try to "stop the bleeding" of students leaving the school district. The final count for the district is up five students from last year. Five students might not seem like a lot, but Kennedy says 88 students graduated in a class that started with 64. He says the district disbanded its charter school and joined a consortium of nine schools in Rock and Dane counties to have more options for at-risk and gifted students.

He says if a local school has a high-quality program, the vast majority of kids will remain there. He says the world isn't perfect, but he believes if kids relate in a positive way to their teachers and learning environment they will become more successful.

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