Local political expert doesn't expect voters to be swayed by debate

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Beth Wheelock
Monday, October 6, 2008

Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are pointing fingers in their campaigns, but UW-Whitewater political science professor emeritus John Kozlowics says Tuesday's debate won't get nasty.

He says the candidates probably won't make accusations when they're face to face. He says that task is left to the vice presidential candidates.

The debate is scheduled to focus on town hall domestic issues. Kozlowics says Obama has an advantage, because McCain's previous statements about the strength of the economy have become obstacles.

According to Kozlowics, the debate won't sway many voters, unless someone makes a huge mistake. Otherwise, it will likely be a tie.

Hear the debate live at 8pm on Newsradio 1230 WCLO.

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