City works to repair sink holes before winter

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Beth Wheelock
Sunday, October 5, 2008

The effects of this summer's floods on downtown Janesville could be felt into winter.

Portions of Main Street and Pease Court are closed as the city repairs sink holes. City Public Works Director Jack Messer says he expects FEMA to reimburse the city for storm sewer repairs. There were four sink hole projects in and around Main Street. Messer says Pease Court, the final of those four, should be finished this week.

Last week, the city had to pull the contractor off the storm sewer by United Way because when they started repairing the storm sewer they discovered a sanitary sewer smell. They traced it upstream and discovered a sanitary sewer leaking into the storm sewer. Messer says the it's a problem the city wouldn't have discovered if the flood hadn't exposed the storm sewer. He says that repair was critical. There are a number of other sink holes that aren't as critical or impacting traffic.

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