Craig swims past Parker

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Friday, October 3, 2008
— It’s midseason on the girls high school swimming calendar, but Janesville Craig and Janesville Parker gave performances with a little extra kick Friday in the Craig pool.

“We all were pretty excited this week,” Craig’s Hailey Schneider said. “We all had the goal in mind that we needed to train hard and focus and not fool around.’’

The Cougars won 10 of the 11 events to post a 100-70 victory over the Vikings in a Big Eight Conference dual.

Craig improved to 3-3 in conference, while Parker fell to 1-5.

Hailey Schneider won the 200 individual medley in 2:10.57, her best time for the event for the season, and the 100 breaststroke in 1:08.17.

“Right now, I’m doing really well,” she said. “I’m just hoping with my taper I can drop more time.’’

Craig coach Brian Kitzman said the Cougars pulled through without springing any surprises.

“We’ve been working on our finishes all week, and that helped a lot,” he said. “We had a lot of gutsy races.’’

Kitzman said the Cougars went out faster than normal and still held on at the end.

“We did a lot of sets this week, and it really paid off,” he said.

Hailey Schneider’s sister, Kali, won the 200 freestyle in 2:06.66 and the 100 butterfly in 1:08.63.

The Cougars’ team of Chole Gansen, Kali Schneider, Hailey Schneider and Betsy Collins won the 200 medley relay in 1:58.65 and the 400 freestyle relay in 3:58.01.

Parker’s one victory was the 200 freestyle relay. Michelle Kortyna, Emily Mauermann, Sam Witek and Megan Olin combined for a 1:53.5.

Also for Craig, Gansen won the 100 freestyle in 59.13 and the 100 backstroke in 1:05.95. Collins won the 50 freestyle in 27.07, and Jenna Gorman won the 500 freestyle in 5:44.35 to round out the Cougars’ first-place finishes.

Despite making it to the winner’s circle just once, Parker coach Andrea Nichols said the Vikings showed plenty of moxie in piling up second and third paces while facing their crosstown rivals.

“It would have been nice to come in first a few more times,” Nichols said. “But the girls did swim well, and they had a lot of best times.”

Nichols said the Vikings also put a lot into this week’s preparation.

“I wouldn’t say it’s the highlight of the season, but it is a big meet with the rivalry between Craig and Parker,” Nichols said. “They were excited, they swam well and did great.’’

Kitzman said he could feel the excitement for the swimmers at Craig, too.

“They get up for this meet,” he said. “They get very excited, and their focus was probably the best of all season.’’


200 medley relay—1. Craig (Chloe Gansen, Kali Schneider, Hailey Schneider, Betsy Collins), 1:57.65; 2. Parker (Michelle Kotyna, Jenna Miland, Bridget Kotyna, Megan Olin), 2:05.07; 3. Craig (Emily Legried, Annika Whitcomb, Ashley Fry, Morgan Vosters), 2:13.42.

200 freestyle—1. Kali Schneider (JC), 2:06.66; 2. Jenna Gorman (JC), 2:12.1; 3. Emily Mauermann (JP), 2:13.88.

200 individual medley—1. Hailey Schneider (JC), 2:10.57; 2. Michelle Kortyna (JP), 2:30.48; 3. Jenna Miland (JP), 2:34.13.

50 freestyle—1. Betsy Collins (JC), 27.07; 2. Megan Olin (JP), 28.27; 3. Sam Witek (JP), 28.68.

100 butterfly—1. Kali Schneider (JC), 1:08.63; 2. Erin Jensen (JP), 1:11.46; 3. Betsy Collins (JC), 1:13.19.

100 freestyle—1. Chloe Gansen (JC), 59.13; 2. Emily Mauermann (JP), 59.63; 3. Megan Olin (JP), 1:02.34.

500 freestyle—1. Jenna Gorman (JC), 5:44.35; 2. Emily Legried (JC), 6:02.66; 3. Bridget Kortyna (JP), 6:11.96.

200 freestyle relay—1. Parker (Michelle Kortyna, Emily Mauermann, Sam Witek, Megan Olin), 1:53.5; 2. Craig (Sam Whitcomb, Ashley Fry, Morgan Vosters, Jenna Gorman), 1:54.93; 3. Parker (Frankie Larson, Katherine Tordoff, Kate Perkins, Brooke Weis), 2:00.69.

100 backstroke—1. Chloe Gansen (JC), 1:05.95; 2. Michelle Kortyna (JP), 1:12.99; 3. Katie Rich (JC), 1:13.98.

100 breaststroke—1. Hailey Schneider (JC), 1:08.17; 2. Jenna Miland (JP), 1:13.97; 3. Bridget Kortyna (JP), 1:17.61.

400 freestyle relay—1. Craig (Hailey Schneider, Chloe Gansen, Betsy Collins, Kali Schneider), 3:58.01; 2. Parker (Sam Witek, Jenna Miland, Bridget Kortyna, Emily Mauermann), 4:11.58; 3. Craig (Jordan Ramson, Katie Rich, Emily Legried, Jenna Gorman), 4:27.35.

Junior varsity—Parker 73, Craig 72.

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