Local campaign workers react to VP debate

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Beth Wheelock
Thursday, October 2, 2008

Local campaign workers have differing views on who won Thursday's vice presidential debate.

Rock County McCain campaign co-chair Tom Barnes says voters saw the real Sarah Palin, not the one seen in interviews with Katie Couric. He says Palin wasn't reading off a script or being told what to say, but was talking from the heart.

However, Rock County Democratic committee chair John Graf says Joe Biden is the clear winner. He says Biden came across as someone who, should the need occur, could become the President of the United States.

Both agree that some of the accusations from the debate will inspire voters to conduct research before heading to the polls November 4. Graf says if Palin makes the allegation that Barack Obama did not support the troops, but John McCain did the same thing, it undermines her credibility. Barnes says Biden's credibility is also damaged, since he said Roosevelt had been on TV in 1929, when Roosevelt wasn't president at the time and television wasn't invented.

Barnes says Palin was very clear the Republican ticket isn't making promises it isn't keeping. Graf says voters should check the content of those promises.

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