Area competitors look to soar and roar at La Crosse

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Gazette Staff
Thursday, May 29, 2008

The air space at Veterans Memorial Stadium in La Crosse will be the focus of attention this weekend when area high school standouts go for gold.

The pole vault and jumping events have some accomplished athletes from the area who should be in the running not for only medals but the top spot on the awards podium at the WIAA state track and field meet.

Heading the list for above-ground dramatics are the Division 2 boys pole vault and Division 2 girls long jump.

Two familiar rivals go into the state meet with the No. 1 and No. 3 heights for the pole vault in sectional qualifying competition.

Brodhead-Juda senior Elias Klar qualified with a 14-foot jump that matches the height reached by Arcadia senior Andy Edmunds. Sitting just behind that pair with the next-best sectional performance is Evansville junior Pat Meredith at 13-9.

Meredith has been helped by his cousin, Mark Cufaude, who knows about the pressures of La Crosse. Cufaude won the state pole vault competition for Evansville in 2005 and 2006. He now competes at UW-Stevens Point and will be assisting Meredith during the Friday afternoon competition.

Brodhead-Juda coach Gary Larsen hopes Klar has another 14-foot jump left.

“Well, we hope we can make it 14 (feet) again,” Larsen said. “There is some pretty good competition up there. That kid from Arcadia went 14, too.’’

Larsen said defending champ Garrett Vetesnick of Richland Center could successfully defend his title.

“He was in an accident and he seems to be getting back into shape,” Larsen said. “He went 13-6 and finished fifth in the sectional and got in as an extra qualifier. He is the real sleeper.’’

Getting a bit closer to ground level, the top three seeds in the Division 2 girls long jump are from area schools.

East Troy senior Becca Buchholtz is the defending Division 2 high jump and triple jump champion, but she also has the top sectional distance in the long jump at 18-1.5. That is two inches better than Whitewater senior Chelsea Heil, who qualified with the state’s second-best Division 2 sectional performance.

Lakeside Lutheran freshman Brooke Hinstorff goes into the state meet with a third-ranking 17-10 for the long jump.

In the boys triple jump, Jefferson senior Tyler Mueller heads to La Crosse with the top Division 2 sectional distance of 45-1. He placed second in the state last year at 45-3.5.

Clinton also has the top-ranking entrant in the Division 2 boys shot put. Cody Campbell, a Cougar senior and Bemidji State recruit, qualified at 54-7.5 after placing fifth in the state last year at 54-0.25.

Cougar junior Alex Marchillo has the third-fastest seed time in the Division 2 boys 300 intermediate hurdles at 39.88. The fastest time is 39.38.

Lakeside senior Tifanny Medenwaldt could medal in the Division 2 girls shot put and discus. She ranks first in the shot with a mark of 41-1 and is second in the discus at 132-2.

Evansville senior Alicia Kopp ranks third in the shot put with her sectional throw of 38-8.5.

East Troy, Whitewater could contend for girls title

The track events also are filled with potential area medal winners.

Whitewater’s list of entrants for boys is less than usual at the state meet, but the Whippet girls could make a strong showing with entrants in all four Division 2 relays.

The Whitewater 1,600 girls relay team leads the way with the No. 1 seed time of 4:06.34. Whippet teams have the No. 3 time in the 800 relay, No. 4 in the 400 relay and No. 6 in the 3,200.

East Troy, behind Buchholtz, also could be a contender for the team title, although Arcadia is considered the favorite.

The Trojans qualified an 800 relay team that has the second-fastest seed time. In addition, sophomore Tia Nowak has the third-fastest seed time in the 400 (58.24) and another sophomore, Jasmine Haines, has the fifth-fastest time in the 200.

The Whitewater boys also have a state title contender with their 1,600 relay team of seniors Grant Bughman, Sam Moffat, Alex Adkinson and Aaron Holschbach. Adkinson is also a threat in the 800.

The Whippets have the No. 1 seed time of 3:25.37 in the 1,600, but there are four teams that registered times less than 3:26. Adkinson, a senior, has the second-fastest seed time in the 800 at 1:57.83.

“Well, we are No. 1 on paper,” Whippet coach Mark Maas said of the boys 1,600 relay team. “It looks great, but at state anything can happen.

“I think the boys are capable of running faster,” Maas added.

After placing second last year in the 110 high hurdles and third in the 300 intermediate hurdles, Bughman qualifed this year with a sixth-ranking time of 50.65 in the 400. He also anchors the contending 1,600 relay team.

Meanwhile, the Whitewater girls have a potential challenger for defending champion Buchholtz in the triple jump.

While Buchholtz qualified with a Division 2 state-best 37-2, Whippet senior Leah Harms goes into the state meet ranked third at 35-10.


Division 1 boys

100—Armani Davis (Madison West), soph., 11.09; Derek Nkemnji (Madison Memorial), sr., 11.17; Alex Lockwod (Elkhorn), sr., 11.13; Hank McIvor (Milton), jr., 11.38.

200—Quentin Badger (Madison Memorial), jr., 22.21; Alex Lockwood (Elkhorn), sr., 22.43.

400—Quinn Schwellinger (Madison East), jr., 50.11; Armani Davis (Madison West), soph., 50.12.

800—Lars Mattison (Verona), sr., 1:57.39; Andy Buchanan (Madison La Follette), sr., 1:57.95; Aaron Noltemeyer (Madison Memorial), sr., 1:58.65; Caleb Fisher (Middleton), 1:59.06.

110 high hurdles—Lechein Neblett (Madison Memorial), soph., 15.19; Garrett O’Brien (Verona), jr., 15.22.

300 intermediate hurdles—Bart Mestelle (Sun Prairie), sr., 40.0; Garrett O’Brien (Verona), jr., 40.04; Emerson Sample (Madison West), jr., 40.22; Lechein Neblett (Madison Memorial), soph., 40.42.

1,600—Andy Buchanan (Madison La Follette), sr., 4:18.8; Alex Brill (Madison La Follette), 4:19.63; Spencer Agnew (Fort Atkinson), jr., 4:20.77; Jake Burow (Fort Atkinson), sr., 4:30.57; Ryan Ahrens (Janesville Craig), jr., 4:35.5.

3,200—John Prusynski (Madison La Follette), sr., 9:16.76; Brett Kelly (Madison West), jr., 9:19.82; Spencer Agnew (Fort Atkinson), jr., 9:41.69; Jake Burow (Fort Atkinson), sr., 9:52.15.

400 relay—Madison Memorial, 44.07; Delavan-Darien (Mitch Wiser, Jarrett Fowlkes, Jeff Turbett, Zach Cervantes), 44.28; Beloit Memorial (Keith Ingram, Rodney Miller, O’Malley Lomax, Tha Trinh), 44.34.

800 relay—Madison Memorial, 1:30.62; Janesville Parker (Enio Filho-Perez, LaVell Hewlett, Cody St. Michael, Ryan Shelton; alternates: Joe Allen and Dustin Moench), 1:31.49; Verona, 1:31.74; Milton (Justin Spaulding, Shawn Jenson, Malachi Heder, Hank McIvor), 1:31.95.

1,600 relay—Verona, 3:27.5; Sun Prairie, 3:28.52.

3,200 relay—Madison La Follette, 7:55.41; Madison East, 7:57.85; Janesville Craig (Ryan Ahrens, Matt McDonald, Alex Crandall, Joe Kennedy; alternates: Brad Cagney, Eric Gudgeon), 8:16.75.

Shot put—Devin Mchaffey (Madison Memorial), sr., 53-11; Greg Pedersen (Janesville Craig), sr., 50-9.75; D’Merius Holbrook (Janesville Parker), 50-5.

Discus—Ethan Malofsky (Verona), jr., 146-1.

High jump—Riley Grafft (Janesville Parker), sr., 6-4; JoJo Pregont (Janesville Craig), jr., 6-4.

Long jump—Justin Bowers (Lake Geneva Badger), soph., 21-6; JoJo Pregont (Janesville Craig), jr., 20-8.75.

Triple jump—Tyler Knight (Madison La Follette), 44-1; JoJo Pregont (Janesville Craig), jr., 42-6; Nick Cahill (Janesville Parker), jr., 42-0.5.

Pole vault—Dayton Sheppard (Madison La Follette), jr., 12-6.

Division 2 boys

400—Grant Bughman (Whitewater), sr., 50.65.

800—Alex Adkinson (Whitewater), sr., 1:57.83; Brett DeNure (Monroe), jr., 1:59.66.

3,200—Ryan Ammerman (Evansville), sr., 9:46.08.

110 high hurdles—Caleb Frost (Brodhead-Juda), sr., 15.5.

300 intermediate hurdles—Alex Marchillo (Clinton), jr., 39.88.

400 relay—Beloit Turner (Nolan Byrom, Reggie Casimere, Matt Santas, Brandon Struebin), 44.29.

1,600 relay—Whitewater (Alex Adkinson, Sam Moffat, Zach Edwards, Grant Bughman), 3:25.37.

3,200 relay—Monroe (Kyle Klein, Matt Priebe, Cullen Sampson, Brett DeNure), 8:05.55.

Shot put—Cody Campbell (Clinton), sr., 54-7.5; Gary McAdory (Brodhead-Juda), sr., 49-7.5.

Discus—Travis Frederick (Walworth Big Foot), jr., 161-9.

High jump—Cory Zaeske (East Troy), soph., 6-4.

Triple jump—Tyler Mueller (Jefferson), sr., 45-1; Nick Morateck (Palmyra-Eagle), sr., 42-9.5.

Pole vault—Elias Klar (Brodhead-Juda), sr., 14-0; Pat Meredith (Evansville), jr., 13-9.

Division 3 boys

800—Jake Lincicum (Albany), jr., 2:01.97.

3,200 relay—Albany (Marc Johnson, Austin Blumer, Tyler Conley, Jake Lincicum), 8:22.32.

Division 1 girls

100—Tiffany Jones (Madison Memorial), sr., 12.43; Felicia Carlson (Beloit Memorial), soph., 12.85; Megan Mulligan, Lake Geneva Badger, fr., 13.11.

200—Tiffany Jones (Madison Memorial), sr., 25.35; Caitlyn McLernon (Lake Geneva Badger), sr., 26.61; Megan Mulligan (Lake Geneva Badger), fr., 26.7.

400—Lauren Rock (Madison Memorial), jr., 58.55; Caitlyn McLernon (Lake Geneva Badger), sr., 1:00.53; Niki Scieszinski (Janesville Craig), sr. 1:01.24.

800 —Maggie Bollig (Middleton), jr., 2:17.99.

1,600—Maggie Bollig (Middleton), jr., 5:09.42; Emma Spoon (Verona), jr., 5:12.8.

3,200—Micaela Magsamen (Fort Atkinson), jr., 11:35.98.

100 high hurdles—Shelby Demos (Janesville), jr., 15.49; Niki Parker (Verona), sr., 15.78.

300 low hurdles—Erin McCauley (Middleton), fr., 46.8; Kim LeRoy (Fort Atkinson), jr., 47.7.

400 relay—Middleton, 49.74; Beloit Memorial (Jessica Triplett, Camille Bittorf, Laurisha Rosario, Feliciia Carlson), 50.69; Sun Prairie, 51.24; Verona, 51.73.

800 relay—Middleton, 1:46; Madison La Follette, 1:46.27; Sun Prairie, 1:46.29; Janesville Parker (Emily Mauermann, Niquisha Kennerson, Kaynesha Zinn, Kelsey Jones; alternates: Amanda Belden, Shelby Demos), 1:46.94; Beloit Memorial (Latrice Pritchard, Camille Bittorf, Melanie Dunkin, Felicia Carlson) , 1:48.35.

1,600 relay—Middleton, 4:01.45; Lake Geneva Badger (Brittany Frederick, Megan Mulligan, Kayla Wise, Caitlyn McLernon), 4:05.25; Sun Prairie, 4:06.24.

3,200 relay—Madison West, 9:40.39.

Shot put—Alexia Child (Lake Geneva Badger), sr., 38-3.75; Toywonia Jones (Sun Prairie), sr., 37-5.25; Tamara Wade (Madison La Follette), jr., 37-4; Tasha Randall (Milton), sr., 36.6.75.

Discus—Lisa Brown (Madison Memorial), sr., 126-5; Amanda Spencer (Verona), jr., 117-08; Cassi Weiler (Elkhorn), jr., 114-7.

High jump—Shelby Demos (Janesville Parker), jr., 5-6; Brooke Richardson (Verona), fr., 5-3;

Long jump—Tiffany Jones (Madison Memorial), sr., 17-8; Eva Greenwalt (Verona), jr., 16-8.5.

Triple jump—Brittany Gibbs (Sun Prairie), sr., 34-5.

Pole vault—Lindsey Parker (Madison East), sr., 10-6; Brea Imse (Madison La Follette), sr., 10-0.

Division 2 girls

200—Jasmine Haines (East Troy), soph., 26.19; Tia Nowak (East Troy), soph., 26.36.

400—Tia Nowak (East Troy), soph., 58.24.

800—Shannon Klein (Brodhead-Juda), fr., 2:20.27.

300 low hurdles—Liz Tanner (Walworth Big Foot), jr., 47.33; Stefanie Gronholz (Lakeside Lutheran), jr., 48.29.

3,200—Sarah Levine (Whitewater), sr., 11:43.36.

400 relay—Whitewater (Chelsea Heil, Megan Theune, Leah Harms, Megan Tommet), 50.64; Lakeside Lutheran (Stefanie Gronholz, Alex Anton, Brooke Hinstorff, Kayla Ridgeman), 50.74.

800 relay—East Troy (Jasmine Haines, Tia Nowak, Katie Isleb, Brooksie Loth), 1:45.85; Whitewater (Chelsea Heil, Leah Harms, Megan Theune, Megan Tommet), 1:45.95.

1,600 relay—Whitewater (Chelsea Heil, Megan Theune, Kelsey Harms, Leah Harms), 4:06.34; Lakeside Lutheran (Kayla Ridgeman, Ellen Schwartz, Alyssa Schumacher, Brooke Hinstorff), 4:07.64.

3,200 relay—Whitewater (Jessica Shelbourn, Courtney Trewyn, Sara Levine, Kelsey Harms), 9:48.75; Lakeside Lutheran (Libby Haasch, Gabbie Shiels, Alyssa Schumacher, Ellen Schwartz), 9:49.81; Monroe (Tess Seichter, Tessa Frutiger, Stephanie Wyss, Calyn Bidlingmaier), 9:54.46; Orfordville Parkview (Charrisa Drake, Jackie Boeck, Allie Schaitel, Melissa Harnack), 9:55.93.

Shot put—Tiffany Medenwaldt (Lakeside Lutheran), sr., 41-1; Alicia Kopp (Evansville), sr., 38-8-5.

Discus—Tiffany Medenwaldt (Lakeside Lutheran), sr.,132-2.

High jump—Becca Buchholtz (East Troy), sr., 5-6; Meaghan Tomasiewicz (Monroe), jr., 5-3; Anna Soyk (Orfordville Parkview), fr., 5-2.

Long jump—Becca Buchholtz (East Troy), sr., 18-1.5; Chelsea Heil (Whitewater), sr., 17-11.5; Brooke Hinstorff (Lakeside Lutheran), fr., 17-10.

Triple jump—Becca Buchholtz (East Troy), sr., 37-2; Leah Harms (Whitewater), sr., 35-10.

Pole vault—Shea Sweeney (Edgerton), jr., 10-0.

Division 3 girls

100 high hurdles—Devan Brugger (Albany), jr., 16.67.

Shot put—Jordan Williams (Albany), sr., 34-0.

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