Janesville City Council grants bartender license to drug offender

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Stan Stricker
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Janesville City Council gives a second chance to a bartender convicted on drug crimes.

The Alcohol License Advisory Committee and Police Department had recommended against giving a license to Lynette Ziegler, citing repeated run-ins with the law on drug charges, including intent to deliver. Council member Tom McDonald sees things differently. McDonald says she's gone through all of her rehab programs, has been clean for four years, and is doing everything society has asked of her. Council member Russ Steeber has his doubts. He suspects there's a reason Ziegler has gone through three different rehabs. Ziegler has been out of rehab less than a month, but has been working as a bartender at the VFW for 15-months.

The council did approve the license, but restricted it's use to the VFW.

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