Where’s Bessie?

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Sunday, May 18, 2008
— Janesville’s bovine queen is all spiffed up and waiting to be reinstated on a new lighted platform next to Del Taco.

The 16-foot-tall fiberglass Guernsey became a defacto city landmark during the 40 or so years she reigned next to the Oasis off Milton Avenue.

When developers tore down the Oasis to make way for the new Menards, Bessie was carted off to Utzig CARSTAR for a makeover.

“She’s a new lady,” said Tom Lasse, one of the developers.

One early idea was to put Bessie in the middle of the new roundabout that serves the Menards development, but city engineers did not want to encourage pedestrians to cross the roundabout to get to the cow.

So Bessie will be placed in front of Del Taco in about a month, Lasse estimated.

“We’re building her a spot,” Lasse said, adding that developers are planning a dedication.

Bessie will hold court on a raised, lighted platform where people can take pictures.

“She’s being treated like she should be (as) a 40-year-old queen of Janesville,” Lasse said.

“She’s gorgeous. She’s sitting and waiting for her grand entrance.”

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