AT&T officials answer questions from concerned residents

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Thursday, May 15, 2008
— A handful of residents who attended a meeting to hear about AT&T’s plans to install utility cabinets said they were satisfied with the company’s cooperation in finding the best locations.

Wednesday night’s meeting was for residents who will be affected by AT&T’s first round of installations. The company notified them by mail of the proposed locations and will do the same for future affected residents.

Installation of the boxes, called Project Lightspeed, is needed to increase bandwidth before AT&T can offer its product, U-verse, Bentoff said. U-verse is a 100-percent Internet-based video service. It will include digital TV, high-speed Internet and digital voice services.

AT&T’s initial plans called for up to 80 cabinets in Janesville through 2008, but a company spokesman told The Janesville Gazette earlier “it’s highly unlikely” that that many will be placed.

Resident Ted Kinnaman was concerned Wednesday about where the box proposed for 509 Adams St. would be placed. Kinnaman lives on Columbus Circle, and the proposed location is in his backyard.

AT&T officials said the cabinet would be 63 inches long, 21 inches wide, 43 inches tall and sit on an 8-foot by 6-foot concrete slab.

“That’s really going to take up a lot of space,” Kinnaman said.

He was concerned that a row of bushes would be removed, but AT&T design engineer Andy Madsen told Kinnaman to call him if that became a problem.

While Kinnaman said he doesn’t have a choice where the box is placed in the right of way, he said he hopes the bushes will provide some camouflage to make the cabinet “minimally obnoxious.”

Kinnaman was the only affected resident who had questions about the proposed locations.

Three neighbors who live on Chesapeake Drive attended the meeting to learn more about the project and if cabinets would be placed in their yards.

“I would scream bloody murder if you stuck that in my front yard,” resident Judy Butek said.

If a box is placed in the right of way around her home, AT&T officials said, it would be in the backyard near other utility boxes, which she said satisfied her.

AT&T officials said it is ideal for them to place the utility cabinets as close as possible to existing boxes.


If you received a letter from AT&T and could not attend Wednesday’s meeting, you can call the company at the number listed on the letter or the city at (608) 755-3160.

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