Baldwin warns of notch-baby solicitation

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Senior citizens should beware of solicitations that ask them to send money to change laws in order to increase their Social Security benefits, Rep. Tammy Baldwin said in a news release Monday.

Baldwin’s office received calls recently from people born from 1917 to 1921 and some years after that.

People born in those years sometimes are referred to as “notch babies.” Some notch babies have protested what they believe are unfairly low Social Security benefits.

An organization that says it is working to change the law suggests Baldwin supports the organization’s fund-raising effort, but she does not, she said.

“I’m aware of solicitations that, while not illegal, are certainly misleading,” Baldwin said in the news release.

“Notch babies in particular are vulnerable to fund-raising schemes that take advantage of their unique status under complex law,” Baldwin said.

“While there are some legitimate advocacy organizations that use contributions judiciously, I strongly urge my constituents to research any organization that asks them to send money to lobby on this, or any other, issue,” she said.“I suggest that anyone who is approached by these organizations ask if most of their donations go toward lobbying efforts or toward their own administrative costs, salaries, and other expenses.

“My constituents can always advise me of their opinions simply by calling my office, writing, or emailing me.”

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