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Stepmother disputes accident rumors

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Tuesday, May 6, 2008
— A good kid.

A hard worker.

A teen on his way home at 9:20 on Friday night.

That’s the way Vickie Rosenow describes her stepson, Nathan Rosenow.

Nathan, 16, was injured Friday night when he fell from the hood of a vehicle in the parking lot of the Rock County Job Center. He remained in critical condition this morning at Mercy Hospital, she said.

Janesville police described the injury as a result of car stunting or car surfing.

But his stepmother said that’s not the case.

“It sounds like they were having a wild night, they weren’t,” Rosenow said. “He wasn’t standing on the car or anything like that.”

According to police reports, Jason T. Klein, 17, of 1237 S. Arch St. was driving his mother’s sport utility vehicle when Nathan “belly flopped” onto the hood of the car. Klein was driving about 20 to 25 mph. Some witnesses told police Nathan fell off when Klein braked; others say he fell off during a sharp turn.

Nathan’s stepmom doesn’t dispute how he got his injuries. She just can’t believe that he’s the kind of young man who would do reckless car stunts.

“It was an impulse thing,” she said.

Nathan had talked to his father at 9:18 p.m. and told him he was coming home.

“Nathan had to work the next morning at the hospital,” Vickie said. “He’s had a job there for almost a year; he collects the dirty linen.”

Nathan had been “very responsible” about the job, earning enough money to buy his own truck.

Nathan suffered skull fractures as a result of the accident.

“There are all these stories going around that he’s brain dead, he not,” Rosenow said. “He’s not out of the woods yet, but he’s better.”

Nathan’s mother and father and grandparents “have not left his side.”

His high school friends are distraught and want to see him, but can’t yet.

As for Jason Klein, Rosenow said that the two boys were friends, and Klein probably is suffering, too.

Klein was formally charged Monday with reckless driving causing injury. He was released on a signature bond.

Klein’s next court date has not yet been scheduled.

“I’m not blaming anybody,” Rosenow said. “His father isn’t blaming anybody.”

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