County board could add three to Hall of Fame

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008
— The Rock County Board could vote Thursday to add three community leaders to the Rock County Hall of Fame.

The 2008 candidates are Ken Hendricks, Hugo Henry and Ruth Ann Montgomery.

Ken Hendricks

Former businessman Ken Hendricks, Afton, used his talents to breath life into buildings and the workforce of the stateline area.

Hendricks, founder of ABC Supply, died Dec. 21 after an accident at his home.

“Ken Hendricks was not just an ultra-successful businessman,” wrote Scott Feldt, who nominated Hendricks for the award. “He was a man who cared deeply for Beloit, Janesville and the stateline area. This can be seen in the numerous buildings he has brought back from ruin. It can be seen in the thousands of jobs he has created.”

Rock County Airfest and the Beloit International Film festival would not exist without support from Hendricks.

Hendricks was a leader in various community organizations including the Beloit Chamber of Commerce, Beloit College, Boy Scouts and Forward Janesville.

Hugo Henry

Former teacher Hugo Henry didn’t like to be singled out as a leader, but when he was appointed to a leadership role, he included others from all sides of an issue to lead with him, his daughter Tiffany Henry of Beloit said.

Henry, who taught at Beloit Memorial High School and McNeel Middle School before retiring in 2003, died March 17 after an illness.

“The best way I can say it is that Daddy loved Rock County and its people and wanted to make it a better place,” Tiffany Henry wrote.

Henry, Beloit, served on a variety of task forces addressing education, affirmative action and community issues. He was a member of the Beloit City Council from 1994 to 2000. He volunteered at Beloit Memorial Hospital and the Beloit Public Library.

Ruth Ann Montgomery

Montgomery has contributed widely to the recorded history of Rock County, particularly in the Evansville area.

“Ruth Ann is currently considered to be the top historian of the city of Evansville, the town of Union and the surrounding towns of Center, Magnolia and Porter,” David S. Fellows wrote when nominating Montgomery for the hall of fame.

“Preceded by several earlier historians of the area, she has achieved a pinnacle of accomplishment in her efforts to preserve and reveal to children and adults the colorful history of the community.”

Montgomery, Evansville, regularly writes for the Evansville Review newspaper and maintains a Web site devoted to Evansville’s history, www.evansvillehistory.net

Her book “Evansville, Glimpses of the Grove” was published in 1989.

Montgomery has been director of the Arrowhead Public Library System since 2000.

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