Delavan murder-suicide case closed; Analco took five lives before his own

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Kayla Bunge
Saturday, May 3, 2008
— Almost 11 months of investigation confirms that Ambrosio Analco acted alone when he shot and killed five people before taking his own life June 9.

“There is no credible information to show that any other individual was involved,” Walworth County District Attorney Phil Koss wrote in a letter to the Delavan Police Department upon his review of the investigation.

Analco, 23, killed his ex-girlfriend, Nicole M. McAffee, 19; their infant twin sons, Argenis and Isaiah; Nicole’s sister, Ashley L. Huerta, 21; and their friend, Vanessa L. Iverson, 19.

Analco shot his 20-month-old daughter Jasmine in the chest, but she survived.

There was only one witness, Gaspar Huerta, who escaped by jumping off a second-story balcony and running to a neighbor’s house to call police.

“His information was invaluable,” Delavan Police Chief Tim O’Neill said. “His entire story was backed up by physical evidence. Every shred of evidence only strengthened his story.”

O’Neill said it’s not often that a case is so clear-cut.

“Sometimes there’s a gray area,” he said. “But in this particular case, there wasn’t one shred of evidence that pointed in any other direction.”

Koss wrote in his letter to the Delavan Police Department that no criminal charges will be brought in the case.

Police were called to 309 S. Second St. just after 10:30 p.m. June 9.

Gaspar Huerta told police he had been watching television in the back bedroom when he heard gunshots and saw his wife, Ashley Huerta, rushing toward him, a man shooting at her from behind.

Koss called the murder-suicide “the worst carnage” he and police have seen.

O’Neill said the investigation “closes an unfortunate chapter” in Delavan history and provides some closure for the victims’ families and the community.

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