Grand champion beef steer

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Gazette Staff
July 24, 2008
Name: Kathryn Johnson.
Name and breed of animal: Jack, crossbred.
Quote of the day: "I was really nervous last night and this morning. Once I won my class, I calmed down, not knowing what would happen. When I won champion crossbred, I thought, ‘This was more than I could ever ask for.'"
Advice to others: "Work your hardest. Make sure your steer is comfortable with you. Stay calm. The more hyped up you are, the more hyped up he's going to be."
4-H or FFA group: Turtle 4-H.
School: Clinton High School, junior.
Other information: Kathryn worked with her animals three times a day every day this summer, washing, grooming, feeding and walking them, she said.
Parents: Eric and Teresa Johnson.
Reserve grand champion: Rylee Ochs, Harmony 4-H.

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