Local congressman supports domestic oil drilling

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Stan Stricker
Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A local congressman pushes for more domestic oil drilling.

Republican Paul Ryan of Janesville tells WCLO's Stan Milam Show domestic oil production would reinvest more dollars in the US economy. Ryan says instead we are sending $1.5 billion dollars to other counties every day. Ryan says allowing more drilling would reduce our dependency on foreign oil. He says we have more oil under our ground in American, than all the Middle Eastern countries combined. He says Congress has made it illegal to go after 76% of it. Ryan also says drilling is much safer for the environment today, than it was just 10-years ago. Allowing more drilling on restricted lands would have an immediate affect on the bottom line according to Ryan, who says the price of a barrel of oil would drop $40.

He blames Democratic leadership for not allowing a vote on the bill.

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