City Council still divided over Milwaukee St bike tunnel

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Beth Wheelock
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A controversial bike tunnel the Janesville City Council approved to be built under East Milwaukee Street is still generating controversy on the council more than two weeks after it was approved.

City Council President Amy Loasching says she hasn't heard any positive feedback from citizens about the tunnel. Council Member Tom McDonald made the motion to approve the tunnel, and says it's good that not everyone on the council agrees about the project. He says not everyone in the city agrees about the tunnel, and so the council is representing the city.

Loasching says the project could be stopped if the council doesn't approve funding at a future meeting, and so she's encouraging citizens to contact the council members who voted for the project. McDonald says Loasching is absolutely right to do that.

McDonald also says it's his understanding that the city needs $275,000 of additional funding. The total project, including grants, costs $670,000.

Scroll down to hear Loasching and McDonald discuss the tunnel.

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