The Clintons’ campaign: Beyond Rhyme or reason

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Rick Horowitz
Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hillary Billary,

Quite a phenomenon,

Two-headed candidate,

Husband and wife.

Talking to Democrats,

Hunting for delegates,

She’ll use the microphone,

He’ll use the knife.

Once he was president,

She was first lady,

His partner in leadership,

Two heads for one.

Triumphs and tragedies,

Turmoil and merriment,

Eight frantic years of it,

Then they were done.

Hillary Billary,

That wasn’t good enough,

Thought that it ought to be

Her time to shine.

Wouldn’t let anything

Stand in her way …

Said to Bill, “You had your turn …

Now this one is mine.”

If only he could have

Stayed out of the limelight.

If only he could have said

“Once is enough.”

If only he could have been

Someone he isn’t …

He opened his mouth

And began playing rough.

Hillary Billary,

Secrets and strategies,

Going to war

Till the last doggie dies,

Knocking Obama

Right off of his message

With dark innuendo,

Distortions and lies.

“Think he’s an angel?

He’s just like the rest of us,

(Other, of course,

Than the shade of his skin),

Now shouldn’t that worry you?

Not that we’d criticize …

But how do you know

Where this stranger has been?”

Hillary Billary,

Softie and savage …

Who cares that the tears

In her eyes might be fakes?

They’re playing for keeps

And they’re playing for history,

Ready to sink to

Whatever it takes.

Ill-tempered finger wags,

Silver-tongued memories,

Tales of the good times

Grown long in the tooth.

He talks of the old days,

When he was exactly

As faithful to her

As he was to the truth.

Hillary Billary,

Righteous and retrograde,

Calling the new guy

A roll of the dice.

So what if they used to

See ev’rything differently?

“Where does it say

We’re supposed to play nice?”

They play to win

And that’s all that there is to it,

They don’t take prisoners,

They don’t hold back.

They’ve built a machine

And they want what they want

And they want it right now

So they’re on the attack.

Hillary Billary,

Please stick a sock in it,

Call off the rumors,

The rips and the rants.

Give up the spotlight,

Get out of the way:

Eight years is plenty, thanks …

You had your chance.

Rick Horowitz is a syndicated columnist. You can write to him at rickhoro@execpc.com.

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