Janesville Craig students share their MLK dreams

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Monday, January 21, 2008
— Craig High School found a way to get students thinking about Martin Luther King's dream. Students were asked to write dreams of their own last week.

Students composed their dreams on paper cut into the shape of clouds. Each one started with the phrase "I have a dream..."

The clouds were posted in the halls. Most of the dreams were for an end to war or poverty. One student just drew a peace sign.

Here's a sampling:

-- To end religious wars in foreign countries where everyone should be free to have their own beliefs.
-- That one day the world will realize that war is not the answer, and all the soldiers will come home.
-- That poor people would have the same opportunities as rich people.
-- That the people of this country will stop believing that the government can do everything, that they will take initiative and use their Constitution-given rights and relieve the government of its excessive powers and give that power back to themselves to use with responsibility.
-- To improve living conditions for abused, abandoned and orphaned children living in poverty.
-- That our ozone and atmosphere would be healthier, we can convert all cars to electric power...
-- That the U.S. president will care more about our country than other countries.
-- To live a happy life!
-- That people of Latino descent will stop being treated as illegal immigrants, and people of Middle Eastern descent will stop being treated as terrorists.
-- People will try harder not to judge someone before getting to know them.
-- That we feed hungry Africans.
-- To stop poverty, solve world hunger and prevent illegal immigration.
-- That there will be no more racists or wars.
-- For legalized gay marriage.
-- There will be a woman president.
-- That we stop burning down the rainforests.
-- That there was a cure for cancer.
-- For everyone to love each other and respect the earth.
-- That we no longer have to pay taxes.
-- That kids will be able to choose the level/grade of learning. This is because a lot of students are not challenged enough...
-- That people will stop making fun of people for their religion or their color.
-- That there will be homes for all the homeless.
-- That some day we all will be equal, not just by the law, but by our eyes and beliefs.
-- No more gang fights.
-- For everyone to love each other and respect the earth.

This is high school, so of course there were jokers:

-- That everyone was happy and would get along. We would all hold hands and sing "Kumbaya" around a fire on the beach while worshipping Allah in serene peace and harmony.
-- That someday my children will grow up in a world where they are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their blog.

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