Three Craig students a step closer to being featured on 'MADE' show

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Thursday, January 17, 2008
— A producer hired by MTV is filming three Craig High School students who are now a step closer to being featured on an episode of “MADE.”

In December, students lined up for interviews during a five-hour casting call at the school.

MTV chose three students—two girls and a boy—after the initial screening. Two are juniors, but Principal Mike Kuehne did not know the grade level of the third.

He has been asked not to reveal their identities, but he doubts they can remain secret for long.

According to MADE’s Web site, episodes have followed willing candidates as they embark on missions to transform their lives.

“Whether it was becoming a varsity football player, the homecoming queen or a cheerleader, each teenager dreamed of breaking out of their shell and finding out what they were really made of and what they could achieve when given the tools and training.

“Sometimes they were successful, sometimes not ... and sometimes they realized they really liked who they were to begin with after all.”

The producer is expected to be here four more days and might be at the girls basketball game Friday, Kuehne said.

If a student is chosen, he or she is assigned a coach—sometimes a celebrity coach—who gives him or her training to help achieve the dream.

When the Craig students were interviewed in December, some of their dreams ranged from becoming a kick boxer, model, soccer player, chef and poker player.

MTV in the past has done the episodes in East Coast schools, but Kuehne said this time it looked to the Midwest and picked Wisconsin. Producers picked several schools in the state. Kuehne knows they were snowed out the day they were scheduled in Oconomowoc, narrowing competition a bit.

Kuehne said the process has been exciting for the kids.

“We’re just hoping that everything works out, that it gives students opportunities to reach these goals.”

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