Responding officer nearly crashes into creek

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Mike DuPre'
Thursday, January 17, 2008
— A town of Beloit police officer nearly ran his sport-utility vehicle into a creek while responding to a traffic accident early Friday morning.

Officer Christopher J. Luzinski, 31, Beloit, was driving south with his siren and emergency lights activated at 12:49 a.m. Friday when he lost control of a Dodge Durango on a slippery curve of South Paddock Road as he approached a creek about one-fifth mile north of Highway 81, a Rock County sheriff’s deputy reported.

The SUV started to slide on the curve, which the deputy described as snow- or ice-covered. The vehicle crossed the northbound lanes and went off the road, but Luzinski was able to steer it back on the road.

But he wasn’t able to stop before hitting a road sign and the railing of the bridge.

The SUV wound up over the railing with the two front tires on the creek embankment, left rear tire on the bridge and right rear tire over the creek, the deputy reported.

Luzinski was not hurt. No other vehicles were involved.

No tickets were issued.

Damage to the Durango was described as moderate, and the deputy’s opinion of driver factors contributing to the accident was “failure to have control.”

“It’s a hard curve to negotiate when it’s slippery, and his vehicle is not normally the (top-heavy) Durango,” Police Chief John Wilson said. “It wasn’t too much speed. He was below the posted speed limit.”

Luzinski and the rest of the officers in the Town of Beloit Police Department have taken the emergency vehicle operation course offered by Blackhawk Technical College, the chief added.

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