Former Edgerton resident killed after barroom brawl

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Stacy Vogel
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
— Even after he moved to Florida, Rick Oaks was a devoted Packers fan, his brother Dan said.

He painted the bar he owned green and gold and decorated it with Packers memorabilia.

But what started as a celebration of a Packers victory at the bar turned tragic over the weekend. Oaks, a former Edgerton resident, was killed, and three young Florida residents are charged with murder.

“It’s just senseless, that’s all I can say,” said Dan, who still lives in Edgerton.

Oaks, 49, was celebrating the Packers’ Saturday victory over the Seattle Seahawks at his bar, The 19th Tee, according to The Tampa Tribune. A friend and neighbor, Alan Pierce, thought Oaks had too much to drink and urged him to go home.

Oaks didn’t take kindly to the suggestion, and a fight ensued. Pierce ended up in the hospital after Oaks smashed a beer bottle over his head.

“It was just one of those dumb things people do when they drink,” Dan said.

The situation could have ended there, but some young people decided to take matters into their own hands, Dan said.

Pierce called his 17-year-old daughter, Alexia, from the hospital. Alexia and her friends vowed vengeance on her father and went to Oaks’s home sometime after midnight Sunday, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

There, three young men beat Oaks with their fists and an umbrella, fatally injuring him, deputies said.

Oaks’ wife, Stephanie, closed up the bar and came home to find her husband badly beaten and lying on the floor, The Tampa Tribune reported.

The men—Charles Bonfiglio, 21; Cody Scarpa, 17; and Brock Winkler, 17—are charged with murder and burglary. Alexia Pierce and Tiffanie Hemness, 19, were charged with being accessories to burglary.

Oaks, a 1976 graduate of Edgerton High School, left behind a grown daughter, Debbie Jacobsen, Fort Atkinson; his parents, Robert and Yvonne Oaks, Black River Falls; and eight siblings.

The whole family flew to Florida for Thursday’s funeral, Dan said.

“My dad had never flown before in his life, said he never would, but we got him to come down,” he said.

The family also will hold a memorial service for Oaks in Edgerton. The service will start at 3 p.m. Saturday at Ehlert Funeral Home, 315 Lord St., Edgerton.

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